Fairview Forest Homeowners Association

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FFHA Limitations on Renting

Short Term Renting in Fairview Forest is prohibited for property acquired after August 14, 2018. Further, a change in property ownership interests after August 14, 2018, is considered a conveyance making the property ineligible for Short Term Renting. Please review Section 8.17 of the FFHA Restrictive Covenants and Regulations concerning both Short Term Renting and Long Term Renting.

Fairview Forest Homeowners’ Association shall be a party to any long-term lease for a property in Fairview Forest by completing the Fairview Forest Lease Addendum.

Click here to download a reading sheet containing both the Section 8.17 of the FFHA Restrictive Covenants and the Regulation: Rentals section from the Regulations.

Click here to download a short term rentals application.

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