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This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is intended for property owners — both current residents and prospective buyers — to learn more about Fairview Forest by having access to many of the most common questions that come up. Explore the various sections of the website for pertinent information about the Association including the Governing Documents.

The seller of the property should give the mailbox key to the new owner. The Association does not have extra sets of keys.

Short Term Renting in Fairview Forest is prohibited for property acquired after August 14, 2018. Look for complete details under the RENTALS tab here on the website..

The Fairview Forest Homeowners’ Association meets monthly except in December. The dates and times of the meetings are posted well in advance on the website and the meetings are held at the Clubhouse located near the entrance. Members of the community are invited to attend these meetings where the business of Fairview Forest is conducted.

The monthly FFHA Board Meetings are the best place to ask any questions or clarify any concerns you might have since the FFHA Leadership Team members are present at these meetings.

UPS and FedEx deliver to houses in the community. USPS delivers whatever fits in the mailbox shelter parcel boxes. Packages that do not fit in the parcel boxes need to be picked up at the post office located at 1352 Charlotte Hwy, Fairview, next to Food Lion.

There is no official listing of properties for sale that is maintained by the Association. If you are looking for a home or property in the community you can use various online providers and realtors to view homes and parcels that are for sale.

Electric service is provided by Duke Energy Progress; check their website for more info. Water comes from private wells. Propane and/or fuel oil is delivered and there are numerous providers who provide service. Landline telephone services is provided by AT&T. Internet connectivity is provided by several companies including Skyrunner out of Asheville and the usual satellite dish and cell service providers.

Trash collection is provided by Waste Pro USA. Visit their website at www.wasteprousa.com for details and to order a trash container. Trash can also be dropped off at the Buncombe County Transfer Station located at 190 Hominy Creek Road in West Asheville near the Farmers Market.

Take note of the property’s driveway, roads leading to the property and any low-hanging trees. Be sure to communicate this info to the company making the delivery of the steep roads in the community so they can use a smaller truck to navigate the roads and your driveway.

Send an email to: FairviewForest@gmail.com

Do NOT call board members — that will only delay a response. Emails are routed to the person who can best and most quickly answer the question with the information needed.

Visit the Assessments page here on the website for details on homeowner dues. An Annual Meeting is held each year in April the purpose of which is to elect directors to open positions and approve a new budget. The FFHA fiscal year runs from June 1st through May 31st.

Biltmore Land Development registered its first plat map under the name “Arrowhead” in August of 1972. Over the past 30 years the community has had a series of different developers, different covenants and different names. Names for all or part of the community include Arrowhead, Arrowhead Hideaways, Arrowhead Farms, Fairview Hideaways and Fairview Forest. The Fairview Forest name was initiated in the Covenants registered in September 1988.

Newcomers are often used to county services that we do not receive in a private mountain community. Always be prepared during the winter by having ample supplies in case of storms or power outages. Many residents move their vehicles to the entrances of the lower roads or near the entrance to the community when winter storms are forecast.

The logistics and expense of snow removal make it nearly impossible for the community to plow its roads. Each winter season is different and each winter storm event really has to be judged and decisions made at that time. Reference the Winter Roads Plan.

The answer is that we do not have a policy since Buncombe County regulations prevail in this situation. We suggest that property owners first contact the pet guardian and explain the problem. If necessary beyond that, Animal Services should be contacted and an officer will pay a visit and explain the rules and fines to the offending party

All Fairview Forest property owners should be responsible regarding their pets and not allow them to bark incessantly or to roam freely outside property boundaries. Sadly, we receive numerous calls about lost pets each year..

Property owners may post two “for sale” signs on their property. So-called pointer signs are only allowed under two circumstances: (1) Pointer signs for the annual event called “Parade of Homes” may be posted during the event. (2) Pointer signs for an open house event may be posted for the weekend of the open house. Such signs must be removed by the end of business on the day after the open house. Additional information about real estate signage can be found in Section 8.3 of the Restrictive Covenants.

“Covenants” (sometimes called “restrictions”) are an agreement by property owners in a private community to abide by a set of policies and rules.

The reasons for covenants include:

Property owners agree to share the cost to maintain the established roads throughout the community. (North Carolina does not generally maintain the roads in private communities.) Owners are assured that a gift shop or a dog kennel will not locate on their road nor will trailer homes be brought into the community.) For a full list of restrictions that protect owners, read Articles 8 and 9 in the Restrictive Covenants passed by property owners over the past several years.

No, the architectural application is to ensure that construction in Fairview Forest is in compliance with the Restrictive Covenants. Architectural approval is granted when the property owner has submitted all requested information. A Buncombe County building permit has other specific requirements and is monitored by the county.

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