Fairview Forest Homeowners Association

community roads

The mission of the Roads Committee is scheduling and planning maintenance and improvements to the 10.5 miles of roads within the community.

Road Maintenance, Repairs

Residents on the Mountain are keenly aware of the condition of the roads they drive on. Some are better than others; some continue to wear well; others are in constant need of maintenance. This is one of the ‘mountain living vs. city living’ facts of life.

The maintenance and repair of our roads is the most important responsibility that the Board of Directors and Officers of your Homeowners’ Association is obligated to fulfill. It takes approximately 75-80% of the annual assessments just to maintain the roads and to diligently make improvements.


Driveways should be constructed and/or maintained in such a way as to minimize drainage that will damage roads and common areas. Proper ditches, ditch lining and culverts must be installed. No newly created driveways or other access to a property are allowed to be installed by an owner until the owner first obtains a Driveway Installation Permit from the Association’s Roads Committee.

Driveway Construction Application

Regulation References

Reference the roads section of the FFHA Regulations where answers can be found to questions regarding roads-related matters including the Roads Network, Road Names, Rights of Way, Driveway Connections to Fairview Forest Drive, Parking on Roads and Other Common Areas, Placement of Encumbrances on Easements and Rights of Way, the Winter Roads Plan, Driveways, and Driveway Construction.

Looking Back

Roads in the early days of Fairview Forest were marginally passable, mostly dirt and later gravel road beds until all roads were paved several years ago.

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