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Property owners can be proud of the community Clubhouse for which the Association is responsible for maintenance and improvements. In recent years, the Clubhouse has received some much-needed remodeling including the addition of heating/air conditioning and a kitchen area, new fixtures, plumbing lines and insulation. Windows have been replaced and new flooring added. Drainage issues near the building and well problems were addressed and corrected . On-going  improvements make the community Clubhouse a better, more attractive facility than ever before and more usable and enjoyable for members. 

Use of the Clubhouse

Use of the FFHA Clubhouse is limited to events that are not advertised to the general public and where there is no fee charged. The Clubhouse is for use of homeowners for their enjoyment and that of their family and friends.

Review the Clubhouse Usage Rules & Guidelines below on this page. If you plan to use the Clubhouse, click here to download the FFHA Clubhouse Usage Request Form.

Questions? Send an email using our Contact page.

Clubhouse Usages Rules & Guidelines

Fees and Deposits: $40 Use Fee • $250 Security / Cleaning Deposit

Fairview Forest assessments must be current in order to use the Clubhouse and the member needs to be in good standing in the community.

Two separate checks are required made out to FFHA:
♦ One check is for the Use Fee which is intended to help cover maintenance and operational costs. The User Fee will be deposited immediately in the FFHA account.
♦ The second deposit is for the Security Deposit / Cleaning Deposit; the check will be shredded or returned following an inspection after the event unless unusual repairs (damage) or cleaning is required to restore the facility to its normal condition.

We take great care to see the Clubhouse is in good condition prior to each event. Please contact the Clubhouse Committee Chair, Pam Clark, if there is a major problem or concern prior to your event. A walk-thru is available upon request. Use and enjoyment of the Clubhouse by Association members is encouraged. Please observe the guidelines and make every effort to leave the facility clean and ready for the next use.

Making Your Reservation (maximum event occupancy is 40):

All reservations are on a first-come basis. You should make your reservation as soon as possible by contacting the Clubhouse Committee Chair. You will receive a door code when your fee/deposit has been made; the code will be activated 24 hours before your event and deactivated 24 hours after your event unless another event is scheduled.

If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation after the fee/deposit has been made, the full amount will be refunded to you. Please cancel within 48 hours prior to your event.

The homeowner must be present during the event and the code should not be given to a nonresident or anyone not participating in the event.

If for some reason you cannot get access to the Clubhouse at your time of reservation, please contact the Clubhouse Committee Chair.

• Clubhouse use hours are from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.

• No smoking is allowed in the Clubhouse.

• Pets are wonderful but out of courtesy for others they should be left at home. Pets brought to the Clubhouse grounds should always be leashed, well-behaved, and closely supervised by their guardians.

Clubhouse Users Responsibility Checklist

Through your User Fee, FFHA supplies the following:

Full kitchen, paper towels, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, trash bags, propane for kitchen stove, and electricity. We do ask if you leave the doors open during your event, that the heat and air are turned off.

It is the responsibility of those hosting an event to supply food, drinks, decorations, utensils, and paper goods for their function.

Also available for indoor use only:
• Metal chairs: 79
• Banquet tables: Six 8-ft. tables; three 6-ft. tables
• A chair dolly is available in the Clubhouse to assist with moving metal chairs without damage to the laminate flooring.

For outdoor use:
• Three picnic tables

Cleaning Checklist Upon Departure:

1. Blot any spills on floor, walls or furniture promptly and then clean as appropriate.
2. Return all furniture to its original place.
3. Vacuum all floor surfaces and wipe down counters. Vacuum and use wet Swifters on all floor surfaces. (Supplies provided)
4. Remove everything in refrigerator.
5. Remove trash from all areas of the Clubhouse and take it with you. If a bag is leaking it must be double-bagged. Leaking trash bags left on floors (especially laminate flooring) will cause damage. Trash cannot be left in Clubhouse as it attracts insects and rodents. Trash left outdoors will attract wildlife and cause additional cleanup. During your event be sure all trash is kept in barrels in the kitchen area and off the laminate flooring until it is removed. Trash bags are provided.
6. Set thermostat at proper setting, turn out lights and check to make sure all doors are locked.

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