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From time to time, we take a look in the FFHA Archives back to those days of yesteryear. That usually prompts the question: When did Fairview Forest become Fairview Forest?

Biltmore Land Development registered its first plat map under the name “Arrowhead” in August of 1972. After that, the community had a series of different developers, different covenants and different names. Names for all or part of the community included Arrowhead, Arrowhead Hideaways, Arrowhead Farms, Fairview Hideaways and Fairview Forest. The Fairview Forest name was initiated in the Covenants registered in September 1988.

A glance at some of the newsletters from the early 90s reveals the news of that era in Fairview Forest and you’ll see some of the same topics and discussions are still alive today.

May, 1992 – Volume 1, No. 1 of the FFHA Newsletter reflects humble beginnings.

August, 1992 – A look at what was happening in the community.

February, 1993 – Hot topic of the day was “logging”; Fairview Forest Trust had just sold all property to the developer and full authority was given to the Board of Directors.

April, 1993 – The clubhouse was turned over to the Association.

December, 1993 – In Volume 2, No. 4 of the newsletter, architectural review and roads report at that time.

August, 1994 – Volume 3, No. 1 newsletter discusses covenant amendment and life on the Mountain.

Driving the community roads in the 70s and 80s was an adventure!
Community road work in the early years
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