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Don’t forget to submit your application to build, repair, or repaint BEFORE you begin work. New homes need to begin with a driveway permit. Those currently building, repainting, etc. should notify the architectural committee when their project is completed for inspection and possible refunds.

Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee, chaired by Will Evans, is responsible for enforcing the covenants and regulations concerning architectural issues. The committee also aims to ensure building requirements are met and integrity of the neighborhood is maintained.

Sections of the Fairview Forest Restrictive Covenants and regulations include updated architectural requirements. The guidelines deal with new construction and home improvements.

For example, if a property owner repaints a residence, an application must be submitted to the Architectural committee for approval. The color must comply with established guidelines and these guidelines also apply to out-buildings such as gazebos, storage sheds or detached garages.

Regulation: Architectural Application

Property owners are required to submit to the Architectural Committee an ARCHITECTURAL APPLICATION FORM for approval before construction begins on the owners property.

1. Construction projects that require an application:
a. Residences and additions to residences
b. Non-residential structures, including but not limited to garages, workshops, sheds, etc.
c. Decks, porches, gazebos, swimming pools, fences and walls
d. Painting/staining of any structure/project that includes a change in color
e. Roof replacement that includes a change in color

2. Projects that do not require an application:
a. Maintenance and repair projects to any improvements that do not include a chance in color

Property owners are required to pay two fees to receive the Association Construction Permit.
Refundable Construction Deposit
Construction Infrastructure Fee
Details of the pertinent regulations may be found in ATTACHMENT A.

The term “earth tone” colors has been in place in Fairview Forest for several decades. In Yr. 2000, when the owners rewrote and passed the current Covenants, owners strongly supported retaining the “earth tone” concept that had been in place since at least 1988. It is a difficult term to define. A property owner with a background in technical color explains the term as:

The colors used should blend in with the colors that occur naturally in the community.

1. Colors
Colors should be muted so they do not stand out from the natural colors of the mountain such as trees, foliage, rocks, ground cover, earth (dirt).

2. Values (how light or dark colors are)
Dark value colors blend in with our natural colors. As the color choices become lighter, they tend to stand out from the natural surroundings.

3. Contrast of trim colors (the value difference between the main color and the trim color). There should not be a large contrast between main and trim colors (e.g. dark brown main color with light cream trim).

D. Additional Information

Attachment A: Construction-Related Information

Attachment B: Architectural Committee Procedures

Attachment C: Architectural Application Form

(July 2011)

Click here to open/or and download a PDF Architectural Application Packet, complete with application form and pertinent regulations, covenants and Architectural Committee information including Attachment A, B & C.

If you have questions regarding the FFHA Architectural guidelines, please contact Architectural Committee Chair Will Evans by sending an email using our Contact page and indicating your email is for the Architectural Chair.

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