Fairview Forest Homeowners Association


On the Mountain

Fairview Forest is a private community with a total of approximately 700 acres, more than 170 properties, and ten miles of roads which are maintained by the community. Privacy, spectacular views, rhododendron, mountain laurel, and wildflowers make up the texture of the Mountain. It’s forest living at its best… a magical place!

The History



When did Fairview Forest become Fairview Forest?

Biltmore Land Development registered its first plat map under the name “Arrowhead” in August of 1972. After that, the community had a series of different developers, different covenants and different names. Names for all or part of the community included Arrowhead, Arrowhead Hideaways, Arrowhead Farms, Fairview Hideaways and Fairview Forest. The Fairview Forest name was initiated in the Covenants registered in September 1988.


A wonderful community

Today, the community is fully built out though there are empty lots scattered throughout the community, all of them are owned by private individuals intending to sell their lots or build homes for themselves in the future. All “un-built” lots pay full assessments.

Fairview Forest is a wonderful community. Its beauty is maintained through effective organization, careful planning, fiscal responsibility, diligent maintenance and, particularly, by the support and participation of property owners.



A planned community


The Fairview Forest Homeowners’ Association is a planned community in Fairview Township, Buncombe County, North Carolina. Fairview Forest is a corporation, registered with the state as a not-for-profit business. It has Restrictive Covenants, By-Laws, and Regulations, and is run by a Board of Directors which appoints officers — President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Legal Matters Officer.

Fairview Forest Homeowners’ Association is self-managed, governed by the Board of Directors and augmented by the volunteer efforts of various committees.

A magical place

The Mountain has an energy, a strength, an ability to endure...

The Mountain has an energy, a strength, an ability to endure, a gift of renewal and a tolerance for change that has been here for hundreds of years. Storms have ravaged the ridges and taken down giant trees, gullies have been formed from torrential rains, rocks have fallen and created new barriers, and waterfalls have found new crevices.

There are secret trails known only by four-legged critters and sunning areas for reptiles and their friends. The air is filled with the sound of birds sending their messages and shadows from hawks and vultures float across the landscape. The Mountain is a magical place!

Life in Fairview Forest is an interesting mixture of animals, birds, wildflowers, reptiles, trees, vines, and people — a diverse group of people with outstanding ideas, energy, experience and abilities who are committed to a quality of life only those who love the mountains can understand. The sunrises and sunsets and the stars at night are the constants that everyone enjoys; these, together with the views, serve as a reminder of the special place they live, of those who preceded them, of the continuity of the mountain and of the hope for the future.

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