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FFHA Board Update

The FFHA has dealt with a number of issues over the last six months, including the road slide on Weeping Cherry Forest Road, the cost issues related to the road slide, the need for additional mailboxes, and finally the fallout from the COVID pandemic which resulted in cancellation of the Annual Meeting.

As a result of the April meeting cancellation property assessments have been kept at $742.  Property owners should have received an invoice for this amount from the Association accountant in early MayThe Board hopes to have an abbreviated Annual Meeting in July, August or September (depending on COVID issues) to consider a revised budget and to hold election for board members. A revised budget could increase assessments by up to an additional $485 per year. This meeting will include necessary social distancing options and will allow for proxy voting, which is encouraged. This will give you the opportunity to help plan for the fiscal future of our Association.

We know that the last few months have been stressful and challenging. Our goal has been to keep the association focused and functioning.

The Trash Issue

Property owners and residents are reminded that FFHA has a regulation regarding trash can visibility. The situation has become more of an issue with the introduction by Waste Pro of both a trash and a recycle container. Property owners are required to limit the placement of the containers to the day of pickup and return them to their homes as soon as possible afterward.

Regulation: Trash Can Visibility
A. Background Trash cans left out in a visible location create two problems:
a) The cans are a draw to animals, in some cases dangerous animals
b) The cans left out after pick-up day create the appearance of a messy community.
B. Policy Trash cans put out for pick-up service shall be stored out of view of neighbors and passers-by no later than the end of the day after trash pick-up. Enforcement Enforcement shall be complaint-driven and shall comply with the Restrictive Covenants, Article 12. Enforcement.

July Board Meeting

The July FFHA Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 20th, at 6 p.m. As with the last three board meetings and keeping with the pandemic guidelines, this meeting will again be held remotely via Zoom. 

Blast Emails

Blast emails replaced mailed-out newsletters in 2017 as a cost saving and as a method for timely and immediate communication making it possible to alert everyone to any issue that arises from wildfire to blizzards to updates on our road management and anything else that is of importance.

Email addresses in the database for the blast emails are confidential and are not shared or circulated; all emails are blind copied so addresses remain private. Property owners who are not receiving the blast emails can request to be put on the list by sending a request to FFHA via the “Contact Us” tab.

Blast emails supplement the website which is an overview of Fairview Forest and a source of information and resource materials. These include the governing documents, community news briefs, meetings dates and meeting highlights, and information on architectural, assessments, clubhouse, Arrowhead Trail, and more. And, of course, the online Property Owners Directory is accessible from the website with a password.

New Mailboxes

A group of new mailboxes has been installed in the mailbox shelter. These were purchased and installed to accommodate more residents preferring to have their mail delivered in the ‘hood. It is greatly appreciated that everyone has been so courteous by not parking under the shelter and holding to one person at a time. Let’s keep the virus out of Fairview Forest!

June Newsletter

The FFHA June newsletter was recently sent to property owners who subscribe to our blast email list. It can also be viewed online by clicking on the newsletter image below.

Governing Documents

Fairview Forest is governed by well-established governing documents which include the Planned Community Act, Restrictive Covenants, By-Laws, and Regulations. All of these ensure Fairview Forest is a quality community and help protect property values. The guidelines are well thought out and clear. They have served the community well. Fairview Forest is known as one of the best communities to live in WNC.

One important section of the Restrictive Covenants and Regulations are those dealing with architectural requirements. These guidelines deal mainly with new construction in the community, but also are applicable to improvements once the primary structure is complete.

Property owners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the governing documents. These can be found under “Documents, Files” and then under “Governing Documents” here on the website.

The Restrictive Covenants, the binding legal obligations of property owners, can be amended by an affirmative vote of at least 67% of property owners. The By-Laws, the governing rules by which the corporation operates, can be amended at a regular or special meeting of members by a vote of a majority. The regulations, sometimes referred to as rules or policies, can be changed, extinguished or enacted by the Board of Directors.

Arrowhead Trail Offers Striking Natural Beauty

Arrowhead Trail is located in the Green Space located along Trantham Creek, where the creek follows the main road between Red Oak Forest and Dogwood Forest Roads. The creek is covered by canopies of dense evergreens (hemlock) in places, and deciduous mixed hardwoods in others. It is the rock substrates, moisture levels, and soil which generally dictate plant communities, and most of the Green Space area along the creek could be considered a fairly rich cove forest.

"Property owners and residents who have traversed the trail find the natural striking beauty of the area remarkable."

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