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Winter Difficulties, Guidance

Winter weather in Fairview Forest is unpredictable and can be harsh. Snow can create difficult traveling conditions on our steep, narrow roads. A detailed snow removal plan may be found here on the website in the Fairview Forest Homeowners’ Association Regulations and under the Documents tab > Winter Roads Plan
Basically, plowing will only begin when the average snowfall on the roads is six (6) inches deep and the snowfall has ceased. The decision to plow is made by three Board members. That decision includes considering weather forecast and general conditions on the Mountain.
Travel on community roads during inclement weather is at your own risk. If you cannot make it up a road and you must abandon your vehicle, it is imperative that you park off the road far enough for others to pass. DO NOT ABANDON YOUR VEHICLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.
We ask that property owners not use salt to melt ice on driveways. We do not want to contaminate ground water and our wells. A snowfall in Fairview Forest is magical. If you can, stay home and enjoy the view!
Fairview Forest Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors 

About Amazon Deliveries

We have heard from several of you that Amazon deliveries have been left at the foot of your driveways.  Amazon has expanded their delivery service in Fairview Forest. It seems Amazon drivers are reluctant to come up some driveways and at times have difficulty finding a house.

Justin Hammel, resident of Fairview Forest, has done some research. Justin says,

“One way we can mitigate some of these issues is to individually provide Amazon with delivery instructions. To that end, I made a quick YouTube video tutorial that shows you how to easily add delivery instructions to your Amazon account.”

Below is the link to the YouTube tutorial for setting up your profile with Amazon. As Justin points out, you can enter special instructions for the driver.


Thanks to Justin for setting this up.  We hope this will be helpful to all our property owners.

Fairview Forest Board of Directors

Important FFHA Info

The FFHA Board is composed of community volunteers who are dedicated to maintaining our community at the highest standard and one of the most desired areas in Western North Carolina. The Board has historically operated as a “self-managed” Board which means each Board member has a designated area of responsibility. Demands on Board members’ time has increased significantly over the past few years. Consequently, in some cases, response to property owners, realtors and closing attorneys has not been as timely as we would like.

The FFHA Board has contracted with William Douglas Property Management Company to manage some of the operations of Fairview Forest. William Douglas has been managing communities since the 1980’s. They manage an array of properties including homeowner associations, condominium associations, co-ops and commercial condominium associations. They are experienced in financial management as well as other aspects of community management. The Association will primarily use their financial management services. Each of their clients has a dedicated team to serve the community. 

Click here to read the recent complete FFHA President’s announcement and visit the Assessments page for continued updates.

If you have any questions, please contact any Board member or contact us at: fairviewforest@gmail.com

Assessment Notices Mailed

Assessment notices for the additional 2020 homeowner’s assessment have been mailed to property owners. Invoices were recently sent to property owners by the Association management company, William Douglas Management Company. The additional Assessment is $484.50

One of the services William Douglas offers is the ability to pay your assessment online. There are various options you can choose to make your payments. You must register on the William Douglas website, wmdouglas.com.  You may also access William Douglas here on our website from the Assessments tab.

Your prompt payment is appreciated.

Board Approves Revised Driveway Regulation for Community

At the October Board meeting, the Board of Directors approved a revised Regulation for construction and maintaining driveways. The revised regulation clarifies parts of the existing regulation. An important part of driveway construction and maintenance is drainage and constructing an apron to transition to community roads. The apron will avoid damage to the road edge. A driveway must be constructed to divert water from a roadway and into the ditch line. All driveways must be maintained as outlined in the regulation below.

The revised regulation has been included in the Association Regulations, which are found under the Documents/Files section and Governing Documents.

Click here to review just the revised driveway regulation.

Regulation About Trash Cans

A. Background
Trash cans left out in a visible location create two problems:
a) The cans are a draw to animals, in some cases dangerous animals
b) The cans left out after pick-up day create the appearance of a messy community.
B. Policy
Trash cans put out for pick-up service shall be stored out of view of neighbors and passers-by no later than the end of the day after trash pick-up.
Enforcement shall be complaint-driver and shall comply with the Restrictive Covenants, Article 12. Enforcement. (June 2011)

Get Those FAQs

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area — located under the Information tab — has been revamped to reflect the most common questions that come up amongst property owners and prospective buyers. Visit the section to get answers to those perplexing questions you have.

"Members Only" Area

A new “Members Only” area is available here on the website. This new password protected section contains the “Minutes from Meetings” and the online “Property Owners Directory” and uses the same password property owners were given previously.

Additionally, some members may not be receiving our blast emails and are reminded to check their spam or junk email folders to make sure the blast emails are not ending up there.

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