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Construction on Fairview Forest Drive

The Association will be doing construction on Fairview Forest Drive between Maple Forest Road and Chestnut Forest Road over the next few days.  The construction will be on the ditch side. The project includes sealing off the culvert to divert water down the ditch line. The culvert is failing and water needs to be blocked from flowing through the culvert.

One lane will be blocked. Please drive slowly and be alert for traffic pattern changes and works on the roadway. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

Highlights of September Virtual Annual Meeting

The 2020 Fairview Forest Homeowners’ Association Annual Meeting was held via Zoom on September 14th. The Annual Meeting, normally held in April, had been postponed because of COVID-19. The FFHA Board subsequently decided to hold the meeting virtually in September to approve the previously proposed budget and elect Directors to replace two Director positions that had expired.

The proposed budget and additional amount ($484.50) was approved by the property owners with 58 approval votes and 36 no votes;  the votes were counted by two community volunteers. The additional billing will be sent in the in coming weeks.

The Rentals Committee reported that there are a total of 15 rentals allowed in the community and that currently 13 properties are being used as short-term rentals.

Will Evans was re-elected for the Director position for a term of three years.  Julian Brinson was elected to the other Director position for a term of two years.

November Meeting

The next FFHA Board Meeting will be Monday, November 16th, at 6 p.m. As with previous meetings, the meeting will be held via Zoom virtually. Login details will be posted ahead of the meeting.

Entrance Wall Repairs

You may have noticed recent work on the stone walls at the entrance of the community over the last couple of days. The repairs were to stop water damage on the walls that had been occurring for years. Several stones on the wall had come loose and fallen off. Those rocks were replaced and a cement cap added to the top of the walls to stop water penetrating the stone.

Mark Batkin, resident, who volunteered to oversee the project reports: “The rock wall at the entrance to our community had been degrading for years. Water had infiltrated the top and loosened many of the rocks on the wall. We had a concrete cap put on top of the wall to secure the stones on top and stop water from infiltrating and further degrading the wall.”

A further update to the culvert repairs in the community:  The Roads Committee continues to evaluate the condition of the culverts throughout the community. We anticipate beginning repairs shortly and will keep you updated as this project progresses.

Trash Kills Bears

Trash cans left out at end of driveways all week kill bears and are unsightly to look at.

Trash cans left out all week at end of driveway (or half way up it) are in violation of FFHA regulations and violators will be fined.

Recently the Association has received calls about trash all over the place on Black Oak Forest, Hickory Forest and Chestnut Forest roads. There are cans on Red Oak Forest and Hickory Forest roads and Fairview Forest Drive that live at the end of driveways. Trash cans that live at the end of driveways 24/7 are the cans in violation of the FFHA regulations.

There are other choices here; there is a program with Buncombe County and Waste Pro for handicapped and elderly people who qualify for a more personal type of service. That information is detailed here on the website. The Buncombe County Transfer Station, located at 190 Hominy Creek Road in West Asheville, is also a great choice.

Remember, trash kills bears, even your trash! So look around your driveway (even across the road and down in the woods) for trash and clean it up, please. There will be no more warnings for violators. The regulation we all have to live by is below:

Regulation: Trash Can Visibility
A. Background
Trash cans left out in a visible location create two problems:
a) The cans are a draw to animals, in some cases dangerous animals
b) The cans left out after pick-up day create the appearance of a messy community.
B. Policy
Trash cans put out for pick-up service shall be stored out of view of neighbors and passers-by no later than the end of the day after trash pick-up.
Enforcement shall be complaint-driver and shall comply with the Restrictive Covenants, Article 12. Enforcement. (June 2011)

Food and food odors attract bears. Secure food, garbage and recycling. It’s all food to a black bear! A bear’s strongest sense is smell. They can pick up a scene from over a mile away! That is more than seven times better than a bloodhound. Food and food odors attract bears, so don’t reward and endanger them with easily available food, liquids or garbage. Learn more at bearwise.org.


The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area — located under the Information tab — has been revamped to reflect the most common questions that come up amongst property owners and prospective buyers. Visit the section to get answers to those perplexing questions you have.

"Members Only" Area

A new “Members Only” area has been added to the website. This new password protected section contains the “Minutes from Meetings” and the online “Property Owners Directory” and uses the same password property owners were given previously.

Additionally, some members may not be receiving our blast emails and are reminded to check their spam or junk email folders to make sure the blast emails are not ending up there.

Trash Container Help

In order to better help senior citizens in Buncombe County who are unable to take their cart to the collection point due to an infirmity or difficult driveway the County launched a program earlier this year. 

Interested seniors can contact Buncombe County Solid Waste at (828) 250-5460 to find out if they might qualify and for details on the program. Click here for a link to learn more about the program

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