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FFHA Board Update

The FFHA has dealt with a number of issues over the last six months, including the road slide on Weeping Cherry Forest Road, the cost issues related to the road slide, the need for additional mailboxes, and finally the fallout from the COVID pandemic which resulted in cancellation of the Annual Meeting. As a result of the meeting cancellation we agreed to keep the property assessments at $742.  Property owners should have received an invoice for this amount from the Association accountant in early May.

The board has been socially distancing but has communicated via Zoom and recently met at the Weeping Cherry Forest Road site to make decisions about the next steps to make that site more stable. As a reminder, the Weeping Cherry issues were dealt with from our reserve funds which left the reserve balance depleted. As a Board, our number one priority has been to devise a plan to restore our reserves to the $150,000 level.

The Board hopes to have an abbreviated Annual Meeting in July, August or September (depending on COVID issues) to consider a revised budget and to hold election for board members. A revised budget could increase assessments by up to an additional $485 per year. This meeting will include necessary social distancing options and will allow for proxy voting, which is encouraged. This will give you the opportunity to help plan for the fiscal future of our Association.

We know that the last few months have been stressful and challenging. Our goal has been to keep the association focused and functioning.

A final note: Your Board is tired. We need the help of our community through volunteering, being on committees and participating in the operations of your Association. We will be recruiting new Board members. Without more community assistance and involvement, we are considering contracting with a management company to conduct some of the Association business. A management contract will add new cost to the association and result in higher assessments.

Looking Back...

Two washouts in 1977 — one in April and a second in November — took place in the community near the main road and what is now known as Maple Forest Road.

Ditch lines were overwhelmed by rainfall, plugged with debris, and as a result there was extensive damage.

There was no homeowners’ association at the time and the few residents that lived above the washout points on the Mountain had no way in or out for days. This reminds us of the necessity and benefits of having an excellent roads program with well maintained roads, ditches and culverts.

This photo shows White Oak Forest Road near the top of the Mountain and debris left from the November 1977 storm.

Life Goes On

The sprawling topography and woodlands of Fairview Forest inspires exceptional privacy. Admittedly, it’s hard to have a back-porch conversation across an expansive stand of deciduous giants. Mostly it is just a wave between passing cars, or a smile and a hello along Arrowhead Trail.

Living in Fairview Forest allows us a respite from conditions that plague so many people in the day-to-day confrontational reality, conditions many of us escaped when we moved here.  At the moment we are all currently struggling with the pandemic and the changes it has brought to all of our lives.

We prevail as a community, like-minded in many ways, individual by nature, yet bound and determined to protect our sanctuary that is Fairview Forest. 

The Board relies on the good will and volunteer spirit of our members to make our community what it is. We are all grateful for the opportunity to be here.

April Meeting Canceled

The 2020 FFHA April Annual Meeting was canceled by the Board after careful consideration of the coronavirus pandemic and in accordance with county and state declarations. The meeting was scheduled for Saturday, April 4th. 

In a blast email, the Board stated the amount of the FFHA budget for 2020-21 would remain unchanged from the 2019-20 amount previously approved by the FFHA membership. Invoices for annual assessment were then mailed in May as usual.

The Board indicated that the current board members would remain until an election can be held that will follow the election process of the FHHA By-Laws and Restrictive Covenants.

The Board retained an option for an Annual Meeting later in the summer or fall depending on the status of the pandemic.


Just a reminder that it is the responsibility of property owners per FFHA Restrictive Covenants to keep culvert on their properties clear of debris. Do a routine check of culverts, especially during leaf seasons and after rains to make sure you can see through the other end.

Home Trash

You are responsible for your trash. If a bear gets into it, please pick it up and be sure to look over the edge as it may have been dragged down and off the road! Also, do not put your trash at Fairview Cove. If WastePro doesn’t work for you, just take it and your recycling to the Transfer Station.  All the details can be found here.

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