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A private community in western North Carolina

Fairview Forest


Community News Briefs

September Board Meeting

Mark your calendars! The September FFHA Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 23rd, at 6 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

Members of the community are invited to attend these monthly meetings where the business of Fairview Forest is conductely

Property Owners Directory

FFHA, catching up with current technology, has moved the Property Owners Directory online to reduce costs and improve data accuracy.  The directory, which includes only members who elected to be included, is password protected.

Features and benefits include:
• Search bar to easily find who you are looking for by name or street
• Data is updated continuously throughout the year
• Sort data by heading
• Email directly from the directory
• Grouped data  to easily find what you are looking for (property owners, board of directors, committee chairs, and short term rental contacts)


Covenant Amendment Passes!

FFHA President Rob Greene recently announced that the Association surpassed the 2/3 majority required to pass the recent covenant amendment. There were only six votes were against it. The goal of 100% participation was not reached. Rob thanked all the board members who worked tirelessly contacting residents reminding them to vote.  

Assessments Past Due

The billing for this years HOA assessment was mailed May 1st. The annual assessment — $742.00 — was due June 1st. The budget for fiscal year 2019-20 was presented and approved unanimously by the membership at the Annual Meeting. The Board  focuses on operating efficiently and keeping the assessment to a minimum. Late fees are charged on assessments unpaid as of July 1st and liens went into effect after August 1st.  READ MORE ON ASSESSMENTS

Roads Chair Outlines Anticipated Work for Community Roads

Roads Committee Chair Gary Bolick filed this report at the June Board Meeting on the community roads and the anticipated work to be done this year:

Weeping Cherry Forest Road — Any and all things that happen here relate to the landslide. Things have been happening on this project and we will have an update soon. The repairs have involved soil nailing and reshaping of the road surface.

Dogwood Forest Road — Some pavement patching, grass over seeding in area of previous project, shoulder reinforcement.

Maple Forest Road — Settling of roadway repaired (small landslide halfway up), removing debris from ditches, pavement patching.

Chestnut Forest Road — Reinforcement of previously reestablished ditch line.  Started process of fixing eroded ditches towards the end of road.  Also, some pavement patching will be done.

Rock Springs Road — Needs shoulder work, build up with road bond and some ditch work.

Red Oak Forest Road —   Pavement patching needed and shoulder reinforcement with gravel.

Poplar Forest Road —  Rolled cement cube out of ditch.  Needs culvert work (possibly next year).

Hickory Forest Road/Hickory Forest Lane — Hickory Forest Road, by far, has the worst base in the neighborhood especially at the end of the road where the base is failing miserably due to the very under engineered base and the massive amount of concentrated storm water from the uphill property. Recommendation is removal of all split seal from this area and building a proper base with road bond. This section should not be repaved until concentrated storm water is redirected away from roadway. Hickory Forest Lane needs some pavement patch work; this road has very poor infrastructure. There is some sort of a contraption, made from timbers, that prevents the storm water from entering culvert, so the water continues down the road keeping the base soft.

Rock Springs Lane — Looks pretty good for now.

White Oak Forest Road — Needs some shoulder work/ditch work and needs pavement patching.

Fairview Forest Drive — We completed reinforcement of previously repaired steep section with road bond and grass seeding. This is a very sensitive section of road and is under observation for now. There are a couple of pavement repairs to be made and lots of shoulder reinforcement.

All roads need vegetation/tree removal. There will be some spot work and some comprehensive work done within our current budget. “Split Seal” paving has not been scheduled by our contractor and will be determined by worst case basis at the time of scheduling. Note: There may be road sections, for example, the end of Hickory Forest Road, that may not be repaired until reason for deterioration is corrected.

The budget that we are currently working with doesn’t come close to touching the amount of repairs that we need to take care of. Our goal is to be able to do mostly maintenance work and get out of the reestablishing and repair business.

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