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Fairview Forest


Save the date!
Saturday, April 4th,
FFHA Annual Meeting!

Community News Briefs

Annual Meeting Prep Underway

Fairview Forest property owners are invited to participate in the 2020 FFHA Annual Meeting scheduled for Saturday, April 4th.

Registration and buffet get underway at 11:30 a.m. and the business meeting will begin at Noon until adjournment. Annual Meeting information has been mailed to all property owners with the agenda, rules of the meeting, revocable proxy form and the proposed FY2020 budget.

Members in good standing may attend the meeting and vote their preferences. Members in good standing who cannot attend are encouraged to assign their proxy to an attendee to vote for them at the meeting. 

Click here for 2020 Annual Meeting information including the proxy form.

February Board Meeting Highlights

Twenty property-owning residents of FFHA were in attendance at the February 17th Board Meeting to learn about and give the board feedback on budget options. Board members and committee chairs added another nine to the meeting.

  • We reviewed two budget options. The goals of the upcoming budget are to continue our road maintenance progress, replenish our emergency reserves and be pro-active in increasing preventative maintenance efforts.
  • We reviewed the history of FHHA roads and funding support and the cost of the repairs to Weeping Cherry Forest Road this last year — around $70,000. We discussed the aging road infrastructure and the struggles that we have faced due to more challenging rainfalls. We are proud of our low amount of annual assessment compared to many others in similar communities. We talked about the need to see Weeping Cherry as a warning that will allow us to plan for more issues of that sort in the future.
  • After discussion, questions, suggestions from community we concluded with a straw vote on options. The vast majority suggested an option that would move the annual assessment to $1,226.50. This would include $95.66 per year for the next three years to replenish our emergency funds after their depletion due to use on Weeping Cherry last year. Additional funding will allow us to contract with an engineering company to make a professional assessment of our culverts that are vital in keeping our roads intact and safe. Once the evaluation is complete, we should have funding to tend to initial and important findings of the study.  In addition, we will have funding to allow us to continue on our plan to repair and repave the roads of FFHA.

Plan Now to Attend the 2020 FFHA Annual Meeting!

Notes & Reminders

Please remember that the speed limit is 30 mph up and DOWN on Fairview Forest Drive.

Fourteen of fifteen Short Term Rentals are currently active in Fairview Forest.

The Board is looking to prepare for the future with engineering assessment of road culverts. 

Liens are being placed on all who have not paid assessments.

The next FFHA Board Meeting will be March 9th, 2020. Members of the community are always invited to attend the scheduled board meetings.

Home Trash

You are responsible for your trash. If a bear gets into it, please pick it up
and be sure to look over the edge as it may have been dragged down and off the road! Also, do not put your trash at Fairview Cove. If WastePro doesn’t work for you, just take it and your recycling to the Transfer Station.  All the details can be found here.


Just a reminder that it is your responsibility per FFHA Restrictive Covenants to keep culverts on your property clear of debris.  Do a routine check of culverts, especially during leaf seasons and after rains to make sure that you can see through the other end.

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