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Mark Your Calendars, Save the Date!

The FFHA 2021 Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 17th, at 11 a.m. Due to concerns during the pandemic, this year’s meeting will again be held online via Zoom. Watch for further details soon!

Summary of February 22nd Board Meeting

The monthly Fairview Forest Homeowners’ Association Board meeting was held February 22, 2021. The meeting was conducted via Zoom. Several property owners joined the meeting. We encourage each of you to join the monthly meetings to keep informed on what is going on in the community.

Rob Greene, President, began the meeting by reminding us that the Association’s Annual Meeting will be in April.  The annual meeting will be Saturday,  April, 17, 2021 at 11:00 AM. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the meeting will be via Zoom. Meeting packets will be mailed to all property owners prior to the meeting and the Zoom link will be included in the packet as well as posted here on the website.

This year you will be able to vote on-line for the Board of Directors’ positions and the budget approval. The link to voting will also be in the packet and posted on here.

Rob announced that he will not run for re-election to the Board. Wayne Craig, Fairview Forest resident, has agreed to serve on the Board as a Director to fill Rob’s position. Stacie Listenberger’s seat is the other position coming up for election. Stacie has agreed to remain on the Board. Once the new Board is in place, the Board will then select a Director to become President. If you are interested in running for the Board of Directors, please let us know by sending an email to FairviewForest@gmail.com.

Stacie Listenberger reported that there are 41 unpaid assessments. Stacie is working with William Douglas Property Management to begin to actively collect the outstanding assessments. If you have not paid your assessment, please do so immediately to avoid penalties or possibly a lien being placed on your property.

Stacie reviewed the budget for 2021. The annual assessment will remain at $1,226.50. As we have explained, the increase in the assessment over prior years is primarily to re-pay the reserve account because of work on Weeping Cherry Forest Road.

Dan Beerman said that he is working with Jeff Gutierrez to further evaluate installing internet capability at the clubhouse. Jeff has done an extensive evaluation and is considering feasibility of installing cameras at the mailbox kiosk. Dan said they are waiting for a quote from MB Haynes to install a pole for Skyrunner to mount a device.

Larissa Bowman reported that she is still getting proposals for the gate at the entrance. She is investigating scanning equipment to scan as cars enter. Larissa has two estimates and is working on getting a third.

Will Evans, Architectural Chair, reported three homes under construction in the community. Will has received three applications for property improvements and an application for a driveway installation.

Wayne Craig, working with Rob Greene, said they are beginning work on culverts that were deemed as high priority for work by the culvert study. There are about 35 culverts that they will work on. Wayne also said two culverts on Fairview Forest Drive will be “sleaved” this spring. This project will continue until all identified culverts are repaired.

Please make sure you are signed up to receive e-mails from the Association. This is a valuable tool for us to correspond important information about the community.  

Culvert Work Begins On Neighborhood Roads

The Fairview Forest Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors commissioned a study of the condition of all culverts in the community in August, 2020. The survey was extensive and each culvert was assigned a rating as to the condition.

A camera was placed in each culvert to assess condition and amount of debris blocking water flow. Most of the culverts had blockage or need to have the inlet or outlet modified. Most of these modifications include opening up the inlet so water can flow freely.

We actually had only one culvert that needed immediate attention because it had rusted through and water was eroding the embankment. This culvert was on Fairview Forest Drive. Work was begun immediately to divert water away from the culvert and down the ditch line. 

Two other culverts will need to be sleeved and re-grouted. These culverts have rusted completely through and are causing serious erosion. Both of these pipes go under the main road at bottom of “S” curve and the other is near the bottom of the Mountain. Both have water flowing in them full time.

Wayne Craig, resident, is heading up the culvert project. Working with Wayne is Rob Greene, President and Chair, Roads Committee. Thanks to both for working on this very important project. 

We will also be doing small repairs like filling pot-holes on side roads and some shoulder improvements throughout the mountain. 

All residents are responsible for their driveway culverts. Please remember to check both ends of culverts and clear any blockages regularly.

See the chart below showing the percentage of the culverts that need work and and the priority assigned based on the survey findings. The Association will continue working on repairing all culverts.

Find a Bear Den, Leave It Alone!

Biologists at the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission are reminding North Carolinians that if they find a bear den to leave it alone. Black bears are very resourceful in finding places to shelter late December through April as cold weather lingers and cubs are born. Dens may be found in rock cavities, brush piles, tree cavities, excavations under fallen trees, ground nests, under decks and in crawlspaces. As a result, you may stumble upon a bear den anytime time you are outdoors, whether hiking, working in your yard, cutting firewood or enjoying outdoor activities.

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About Amazon Deliveries

We have heard from several of you that Amazon deliveries have been left at the foot of your driveways.  Amazon has expanded their delivery service in Fairview Forest. It seems Amazon drivers are reluctant to come up some driveways and at times have difficulty finding a house.

Justin Hammel, resident of Fairview Forest, has done some research. Justin says,

“One way we can mitigate some of these issues is to individually provide Amazon with delivery instructions. To that end, I made a quick YouTube video tutorial that shows you how to easily add delivery instructions to your Amazon account.”

Below is the link to the YouTube tutorial for setting up your profile with Amazon. As Justin points out, you can enter special instructions for the driver.


Thanks to Justin for setting this up.  We hope this will be helpful to all our property owners.

Fairview Forest Board of Directors

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