Fairview Forest Homeowners Association

A private community in western North Carolina

Fairview Forest


Community News Briefs

October Board Meeting Highlights

  • Weeping Cherry repair costs initially looked to be in excess of $250,000 but actually came in closer to $60,000 thanks to the good work of FFHA Roads Committee, led by Gary Bolick.  Reflective markers are still to be installed.
  • The board will transfer funds from the infrastructure fund to cover the budged deficit created by the WCF slide.
  • The board will look at ways to replenish the infrastructure fund via our future budgets and assessments.
  • We will also support tree work in the community that will improve road safety through line-of-sight improvements.
  • We are working on new reflective, road signs that can be seen from both directions. 
  • Look for some remodeling in the Clubhouse in response to a recent “flood” event.
  • Julian Brinson is leaving the FFHA Board after many years of service.  We thank him for his good work and hope you will too.


Please remember that the speed limit is 30 mph up and DOWN on Fairview Forest Drive.

The November FFHA Board Meeting was held on November 18th. The next meeting will be January 13th, 2020, since no meeting is held during December. Members of the community are always invited to attend the scheduled board meetings.

Mailbox Trash

Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep the area clean of unwanted mail and debris.  If you received mail that is not yours, please put it in the OUTGOING box for proper delivery.  If you see junk mail/trash in the area, please pick it up and recycle or throw out.  Let’s take some pride in our neighborhood!

Home Trash

You are responsible for your trash. If a bear gets into it, please pick it up
and be sure to look over the edge as it may have been dragged down and off the road! Also, do not put your trash at Fairview Cove. If WastePro doesn’t work for you, just take it and your recycling to the Transfer Station.  All the details can be found here.


Just a reminder that it is your responsibility per FFHA Restrictive Covenants to keep culverts on your property clear of debris.  Do a routine check of culverts, especially during leaf season and after rains to make sure that you can see through the other end.

On the Mountain

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